We care for fish


Established: 1972
Number of employees: 200
Characteristics:    Processing of North Sea fish
Trade area:

Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Asia and the Baltic States



Product range:
  • Roundfish, flatfish, crustaceans and shellfishIn whole form, fillets, portions, ready to cook, meals, consumer packaging, fresh, chilled and/or frozen 
  •  Import of lobster, crab, tuna, swordfish, etc.

Delivery to:

Retailers, wholesalers, industry, importers, hotels and restaurants, fish shops and merchants

Size / production capacity:

5000 m3 for production, logistics, refrigeration and freezer storage, 250 to 300 tonnes of commodities per week



  Amsteldiep 2, 8321 WH Urk
  Postbus 38, 8320 AA URK
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  +31 527 206530 (general)
  +31 527 206540 (sales)


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