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About Neerlandia Urk

Neerlandia Urk has been one of the leading fish processing companies in Urk, the largest fish centre in Europe, for more than 50 years. Our family business employs over 200 people, who are dedicated to supplying and processing fish to the strictest hygiene and food safety standards. We supply fish of the highest quality to international cash & carry wholesalers, food service companies, supermarkets and fish shops.

Neerlandia Urk distinguishes itself from other players in the international market for North Sea fish and salmon products by focusing on trust. Thanks to our years of experience and stable relationships, you are at the right address with us for a professional supplier. To underline our promise of quality, Neerlandia Urk works according to the most stringent certification standards and we have IFS higher level, MSC and ASC certification, among others.

Our core values are sustainability, transparency, quality, social involvement, flexibility and pride. How do we give substance to these values in our business operations?


Neerlandia Urk supports initiatives in the area of sustainable management of fishing grounds.


Neerlandia Urk stands for continuity in quality and loads that by daily purchase of fresh fish and an optimal modern processing.


We deliberately opt for staggered targeted daily purchasing in order to serve our customers as flexibly as possible.


Our customers are continuously informed in an open manner about delivery options and market developments.

Socially involved

Neerlandia Urk is a hospitable company and enjoys sharing knowledge in order to contribute to beneficial social developments.


Together with our team of colleagues and our loyal clientele, we at Neerlandia Urk are proud of our company and the position we have acquired.







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16,000 tonnes of production volume per year


Neerlandia Urk considers quality and sustainability to be of paramount importance. In recent decades, we have been a structural leader in the fish industry in our efforts to supply sustainable fish. From the MSC certificate (obtained in 2008), to the Biological Production Netherlands certificate (2009), to the Aqua Gap certification programme (2010) and the ASC certificate.

Neerlandia Urk now imports and exports according to the highest quality and sustainability standards (including IFS higher level, BRC A and BIO). Neerlandia Urk also participates in its own fleet, with the cutter Z300 'Sola Gratia'. This vessel is used to practise various forms of sustainable fishing, flyshooting in winter and twinrigging in summer.

Twinrigging is a form of fishing in which flatfish (plaice, turbot, dab and sole) are caught. Twinrigging uses substantially less fuel than traditional beam trawling. The Z300 can usually be found on the Doggerbank in the North Sea in the summer period.

Flyshoot fishing is a form of fishing in which lines are fished behind the vessel, with a net attached. The Z300 fishes with the flyshoot method on squid, mullet, cuttlefish, red gurnard and whiting in the English Channel.

Neerlandia Urk consciously opts for sustainability, because of our love of fish and fishing. We want to preserve fishing on the North Sea for now and for future generations. That's why we constantly strive to make the best choices for our fish and our planet.



Brothers Herman and Albert Romkes start with the processing and trade of North Sea fish with twelve filleters. In those days the fish was still cooled in the Urk fish auction. By their knowledge of languages they managed to build up a clientele in France, Italy and England.


Neerlandia Urk stood at the cradle of the development of the Urk fish trade and the processing of North Sea fish. The company grows steadily and in 1974 they move into a new building on the then still virginal Urk industrial estate.


In the 1980s, the company experienced its strongest growth in terms of increased trade and employees. The premises on the Stortemelk became too small for processing and logistics and plans were made to build new premises.


After relocating the fish auction from the harbour to the industrial estate, Neerlandia Urk buys the adjacent plot. In 2000, Neerlandia Urk and its 45 employees move to a state-of-the-art facility with optimal logistics that meets the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.


Neerlandia Urk participates in its own fleet, with the cutter Z300 'Sola Gratia'. With this vessel, different forms of sustainable fishing are practiced, flyshooting in winter and twinrigging in summer.


The new generation is now at the helm of the family business. Neerlandia Urk is a complete supplier of fish products: from the best from the North Sea and Atlantic fish to a wide range of salmon. Every year, more than 16,000 tons of fish are processed in the 5,000 m2 production area. Neerlandia Urk has its own cold storage facility, which offers our customers security and flexibility.